Looking for suppliers in Poland, we will find them for You.



Finding, evaluating and engaging suppliers of goods and services


Relocation from one country to another typically an operational process, such as manufacturing, or supporting processes


Transfer of a business operation back to its country or region of origin

In today’s more and more competitive environment it is very difficult for manufacturers to remain on operating profit. One of the point which could help is on shore. 

That is why our company is helping our partners to find and localize OMS services in EMEA. One of our advantages is being on a polish market, knowing the industries and best candidates for cooperation’s. 

The next advantage of us is our corporate experience, which helps us in an easy way understand international standards and expectations.

Our services are not only focus on finding the cheapest manufacturer solution for our customers. We also care about the reliability, quality and terms of delivery. We feel responsible for the recruiting business partners.

Our duty is also to help polish companies, which may be taken into the sourcing process, in achieving and keeping the standards for our customers. Many suppliers in Poland are inexperience in an international cooperation, sometimes they are even distanced to unknown.

We help to linked and make good atmosphere between companies. We understand and solve problems coming form intercultural misunderstanding.

Depends on our customer needs,
we can offer several of services, such as:

  • Supplier research with a short list of the most suitable candidates, what is very important, we are preparing analyze of the supplier capabilities,
  • Terms negotiations on behalf of our customers,
  • Prototyping, sampling and technical validation,
  • Financial analyze of business case,
  • NRE validation and implementation,
  • Start up the production checking,
  • Monthly or quarterly business review and problems solving,
  • Daily business handling by operation program manager on supplier site,

We always try to simplify the process as much as possible, not spending many weeks on a market analysis. 

We are focus on making business by our partners, meaning on time delivery, good quality and best pricing. 

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